USB failure during Win 7 installation on ASUS p8z68-v pro

Hi all,

This is probably a dumb question, so I apologize in advance. I tried looking for the answer in the forums, but couldn't find it.

My new asus p8z68-pro mobo runs everything just fine in the bios -- it detects all the relevant drives, my USB peripherals are working, etc. When I try to install Windows, however, I run into a problem. As soon as the installation files load off of the DVD and the installation begins my USB devices shut down. This means, of course, no keyboard or mouse to proceed with the install, so I'm stuck.

I checked in the bios -- both the usb legacy support and the usb 3.0 legacy support are turned on. I have tried this with the EHCI hand-off both on and off. Either way, I run into the same problem. I've even swapped out my fancier mouse and keyboard for simpler models to see if it was some sort of driver issue, but nothing seems to make a difference. Any suggestions?
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  1. First, I will assume that you are installing Windows 7, since this is in the Win 7 forum.

    Are your usb KB and mouse connected to usb 2 ports on the back of the motherboard, or the usb 3 (blue) ports?

    You should use the usb 2 ports for those devices during windows install. No other usb devices should be attached during the install, like usb sticks or external hdds unless you are installing from a usb stick.
  2. Yeah, and don't try and use your new fancy USB 3.0 flash drive to install windows using the USB 3.0 ports either....10 mins later and several retries after windows asking for CD/DVD drivers I moved it to the 2.0 port and it worked first try.

    Anyway as Realbeast said, you need to use the 2.0 ports(Red). The 3.0(Blue) will not work until you install the drivers in Windows.
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