Is this website legit?

I was searching javascript:%20void(0);for a hard drive and came across a website by the name of Has anyone purchased anything from this place or heard about its legitimacy? Any help is appreciated!

Link: Archer Electronics
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  1. Never heard of it.
  2. Never heard of it either.
  3. never heard of it... but with an easy "google" search... they are listed in super pages.

    and looky here... another "easy google" search...

    So I would say, yes they are indeed legit and definitely a mom and pop store.

    Call em.
  4. I would like to know how they are selling HDD's so cheap when everybody else is high , I would use caution and not just jump in. I'm not saying they are bogus are anything like that it's just when you see one place selling so low and everywhere else it's high because of the Tialand flooding you do question the price. Unless they had a huge stock and they don't care to take advantage of the high prices.
  5. They probably bought a lot of stock, knowing prices would go up on mechanical drives as they are phased out and ssd's become mainstream. Smart move on their part.
  6. wtf those prices are ridicoulous
  7. Their Seagate drives are cheap, but the WD drives are very expensive ($67 for a 320GB Caviar Blue). IMHO the Seagates still aren't worth it even at that price.
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