Whats the fastest memory out there

So Can someone tell me if I have this correct?
Rambus is faster than DDR, which is faster than SDRAM and the prices of course come down in the same fashion.
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  1. RDRAM is only faster than DDR-SDRAM when streaming lots of data in/out of memory. Otherwise DDR is better. Ordinary SDRAM is slower than both.

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  2. RDRAM suffers from high latency times. However, it has the capability to handle lots of bandwidth. DDR is faster than SDRAM.

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  3. RDRAM is currently the best memory for "high bandwidth". But, the only problem is that it only benefits from a Pentium 4 processor. The P3 can use RDRAM but there's almost NO performance increase. The advantage of DDR SDRAM is that it's available for all Athlons/Durons and the P3. A P4 chipset for DDR SDRAM is in the making.

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