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im confused with one of the features of AMD's APU range

the feature is dual GPU does this mean

a) the on die GPU assists the discrete GPU in rendering e.g. games ( if so why are AMD noot better in gaming )
b) the user can switch between the devices to perhaps save power in a notebook senario
c) neither of these ( in which case please correct me )

im aware this is probably a daft question but the internet does not seem to be giving me astraight answer on this
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  1. Option A, BUT, the best GPU you can use for that is a 6670 and that's with an A8.
  2. The reason AMD APUs don't do awesome in gaming is because the APUs just can't compute equal to the Intel chips.

    i3-2120 + HD 6770 > A8-3870k + HD 6670

    i3-2120 + HD 6770 > A8-3870k + HD 6770 (with APU graphics disabled)

    Those hold true for most games. The i3-2120 side does better if you change out the graphics cards for better ones as well.

    APUs are mostly designed for people who have some good reason to not want to install a graphics card. Laptops and all in one PCs are great for that.

    Also, buying a graphics card entails a risk that the graphics card will be DOA, you can cut out that risk by buying an APU instead. For older people or people who don't care about having maximum performance, that can be a significant advantage.

    Gamers don't really need to think too much about APUs.
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