Cpu Reaching 65C on Load

Hi there, I just finished building a computer for my little brother and the cpu temperatures aren't very satisfying. On idle he's getting about 45C but on load it shoots up to 65C. The processor I chose was the AMD Phenom II X4 965 and my specs are below. I've noticed that on load the computer is pretty loud but my case cooling seems to be substantial because my gpu doesn't get hot at all. My question is, how would I significantly lower the temperature of the cpu? Would I need to buy an aftermarket heatsink, or should I reapply some new thermal paste? (When building the computer, I did have to move the heatsink around alot and this might have spread the paste too much and made it ineffective) Thanks for your help!

Here are my specs:
Sapphire Radeon 6850
Cooler Master Storm Scout
OCZ Fatal1ty 550W
AMD Phenom II X4 965
*Not overclocking at all
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  1. I'd reset the cooler and reapply paste, but buying an aftermarket heatsink instead is a better idea (even a cheap $30 Coolermaster), and yeah try to keep any side,up,down movements to an absolute minimum when setting
  2. The max operating temp of that processor is 62C.
    So, I would look into both an after market cooler and Arctic Silver 5. Of course, you could be getting false temp readings. What are you using to read temps?
  3. I'm using Coretemp to read the temperatures of the cpu and GPU-z for the GPU.
  4. Those pgms should be fairly accurate. Check, also, that the cooler's fan is running at the correct speed and not failing, dirty, or in a bind. You mentioned that the machine was unusually loud. That may indicate a cooling fan issue. Maybe a bearing.
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