Will this be enough power for this system? and is this a good build for gaming ?


AX850W corsair power supply

12 GB of ddr3 ram 1600 MHZ

Asus crosshair formula 5 motherboard


NZXT Phantom case

Radeon 6950 or 6970

Windows 7 professional 64-bit or (windows 8 )

Sony Blu-ray drive

2 TB hard drive

(SSD) 256 GB
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  1. The build itself is good and the power supply more than enough.
    However if you still have to buy the motherboard and the CPU I think maybe you should get a i5 2500
  2. naa i really thing amd will fix there flaws when we get windows 8 (i hope) AMD really needs a win its just not fair and dont worry im not a fan boy i love both intel and AMD
    (this is my first build so i would like to see if everything is compatible)
    the only thing I dont really understand is Ram I'm hopeing i can put (2x8 gb) or (4x8gb) if i wanted to max the board out at 1600 mhz but asus says no and it says it can fit 32 gbs on the board. Would apreciate some help

    this is what i plan on getting
  3. a39232 said:
    12 GB of ddr3 ram 1600 MHZ
    How about 8GB or 16GB?
  4. well if im doing a lot of tasks i will probably need a lot of ram like video editing and playing a game something like that
  5. 16GB is more than 12GB.
  6. I know i though i said i was going with at lest 16 gbs of ram
  7. I really have no idea why your going AMD, even i3-i5 is superior to the processor you listed for gaming. Trust me this is someone coming from a phenom ii x4 965 for a very long time and i constantly run into new games that have issues with AMD processors but perfectly fine for people using i5's....I'll be upgrading this week to intel, suggest you think twice.
  8. trust me I know what ur talking about i know that games almost always perform better on intel but only by like 3 (if your being realistic) every game i have played has worked for this cpu (amd athlon 7550) and it works fine arkam city works fine so does deus ex and it does perfectly fine in games and if u look at benchmarks its really not much different. besides have u ever looked at reviews of people who actually own the fx 8150 they love it on newegg and havent really had any problems.

    Do you own a i5 because you never know they could just be lieing.
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