Will this PSU have enough power

AX850W corsair power supply (maybe a AX750)

12 GB of ddr3 ram 1600 MHZ

Asus crosshair formula 5 motherboard


NZXT Phantom case

Radeon 6950 or 6970

Windows 7 professional 64-bit or (windows 8 )

Sony Blu-ray drive

2 TB hard drive

(SSD) 256 GB

CPU COOLER: Antec H2o 620 liquid cooler
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  1. The 750 watt unit wuold be plenty of power. You need about a 550 watt for the 6970, 500 for the 6950. If you intend to crossfire in the future however, the 850 watt unit would be the one to buy
  2. Why 12 GB of RAM? Go with either 8 or 16 GB.
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    An AX850 is based off the Seasonic X850 which has been rated to safely and reliably pull over 1000watts in tests by jonnyguru and others. It's basically an overspec'd 950w unit.. The X750/AX75 has been rated to pull over 900watts safely and reliably as well and is ofcourse overspec'd.

    As you can tell. These units are severely overspec'd for their ratings. Hell.. these are units are based on one of the most efficient, reliable, and highest quality power supply line ever designed for the consumer market.

    Asking if they "will have enough" power is quite insulting tbh lol.


    Yes they will have enough power for crossfire / sli and possibly tri crossfire / 3 way sli.

    As jsc stated. Why the 12gb ram? You're running dual channel with a BD which does best in a 4x2gb or 4x4gb config. Unless you're doing 3x4gb config or a 2x4gb+ 2x2gb config; that's really an awkward amount of memory to get.
  4. For 850watt, it would be enough of power, not sure about the 750watt though.
    And if you are planning to overclock or crossfire, then I would recommend 850watt.
  5. sorry i ment 16 gbs of ram and this is a corsair ax 850
  6. btw i am upgrading from a athlon 7550 and im still playing games on it XD thats gonna be a heck of a diffrence
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