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Hello everyone, as you can see from the name of the thread, the problem is that the system doesn't recognize the Sata HDD on which Windows 7 is installed. I first thought the the HDD was done, because the system recovery couldn't be started and every action was followed with "disk read error". The next step I took was booting with Ubuntu live and there was the surprise, Ubuntu recognized the HDD and all the folders were there, so it seems the problem is not with the HDD but with the OS. What next step should I take?

Thanks in advance.

Conf. :

HP Presario CQ62
Windows 7 Home Edition
AMD Dual Core 2.2 Ghz
Seagate Sata 320 GB
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  1. ive done the same thing, i had a disk with issues that fdisk and chkdsk couldnt fix, so i used ubuntu to transfer files, but, i have to reinstall windows and then transfer back. probably bad sectors though.
  2. Yes, I've been thinking about transferring the files with Ubuntu and then installing Windows from scratch with a setup CD. Does anyone know another way?
  3. At the end, the HDD gave up. Now I must by a new one. For the Moderators : feel free to close the thread.
  4. So I have the same laptop and I wanted to uninstall Windows 7 and downgrade to XP-32 bit, but because of the IDE/SATA difference I'm unable to because XP won't recognize that there is a hard drive. I've tried a few different driver files with nLite, but none of them worked. Any help?
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