JFP2 connector on PSU?

My case came with wires for JFP1 and HDA, but nothing for JFP2. I figured I had to buy a wire for that separately, but then I came across a strange looking connector on my PSU with four pin holes in it that look like they would fit part of the JFP2 pins.

Is this what I'm supposed to plug into the JFP2?
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  1. what motherboard do you have?
    did you read the manual?
    do NOT plug in anything from your psu that you are unsure of!
  2. those connector are usualy use for the front panel what is your motherboard name and model
  3. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don't connect anything from PSU to MOBO except for the standard power connections, 24 pins and 12V.
    That's the JFP2, it's for Power LED and Speakers
  4. I have the MSI Z77a-GD55

    Went through the manual for both the case and the motherboard and it wasn't really helpful other than for what each pins were.

    There were two cables that came with the case that were for headphones and mic, and then the JFP1.

    The JFP2 is mysteriously missing. I wouldn't worry about it but my motherboard isn't making any beeps and I think it's because I'm missing the JFP2 cable.
  5. yea it's the speaker as shown above.
  6. look on page En-19 and you will see what goes where.

    btw, if your case doesn't have a speaker, which anymore they don't you will most likely plug in something like this:

  7. Thanks for your replies. The problem isn't that I don't know which pins are which, but that the manual doesn't say what I'm supposed to use to plug into it.

    Does the cable usually come with the case? Or is it the motherboard? I was able to plug in the other connectors but I'm lacking a cable for the JFP2.
  8. look up :)
  9. It's a speaker cable comes with the case, looks like this.

    That small wire with the head.
  10. just get a little piezo speaker and connect it to the speaker terminal you will be able to ear beep post there is no speaker in the box been searching on the newegg and did not show any
  11. Awesome! Thanks
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