Computer randomly freezes, no signal on monitor, require restart

Lian-Li V351
Intel i5 2400
MSI H61M-P23(B3)
OCZ Fatal1ty 550W Modular Gaming Power Supply
G.SKILL Ripjaws 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3
750GB Western Digital Caviar Black

My 6 month old computer has recently been freezing up on me while doing anything. Usually, I'm greeted with a instant loss of monitor signal and system sounds within 5 hours of operation. aida64 reports temperatures and voltages to be in an acceptable range idle and under load, I have also used CoreTemp, HWMonitor and SpeedFan to confirm.
I have tried:
- Going to a lower version of nvidia drivers
- Reseating ram/gpu
- Disabling Turbo Boost

Any help would be nice, thanks.
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  1. It may be you need to clean your system of resource hogging garbage and registry errors. I use CCleaner regularly. Do the Clean and Defrag both. Then reboot and defrag.

    I wouldn't downgrade the drivers yet. If the above doesn't solve the problem, uninstall the existing driver and run Driver Sweeper from Safe Mode. Have it remove any remnants of old AMD and Nvidia graphics drivers it find. Reboot and install the newest driver.
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