PSU and GPU compatible?


should work with an ATI HD 6770 right? I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem, but not sure if its worth returning the PSU.
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  1. Hello spyderfx;

    That PSU is compatible with the graphics card. You have enough power there to run 2x HD 6770s and a fully loaded, overclocked system, and have plenty of power in reserve.
  2. Ok, thought so. Is there such thing as a faulty PSU? It runs everything on the computer fine, but I'm having trouble getting the graphics card to play nice. If it's powering up the computer at all that should mean its fine right?
  3. Definitely. If the UPS 'gorilla guy' drop kicks it around a couple times.
    But you don't usually get a PC to power up if the PSU is bad.

    So the PC boots up and runs fine until you try and play a game?
    And you have the 6pin PCI-e power connector plugged in?
  4. spyderfx said:
    It runs everything on the computer fine, but I'm having trouble getting the graphics card to play nice.

    what exactly do you mean by this?
  5. Well the computer was working fine until I put the graphics card in. I switched it to an older computer and the card worked great in there. Tried all 3 PCI slots and that didn't fix it.

    Basically any time Windows tries to do something and I have the GPU enabled, it just freezes and restarts at the "Starting Windows", don't even get a BSOD.

    I've tried a bunch of fixes, for some reason reinstalling Windows let me get like 10 seconds further than before, I thought it might have been because the HDD had a big chunk of unallocated space, but that didn't seem to be it.

    Now I'm thinking it might be because my PSU only has 6+2 PCI pins instead of just a straight 6. Maybe it's not getting enough power?
  6. 6+2 = 8pin (which is the higher powered pci-e plug), so it shouldn't be power.

    Can you monitor your 12V reading whilst you put gpu load on it? it might be dropping.
  7. are the correct drivers installed?
  8. Correct drivers should be installed, but I'm not sure if Windows is trying to install some sort of driver of its own.

    I got a reply from AMD Tech Support and they said they think it has to do with my RAM, and could be the RAM timing is off.
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