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So my laptop broke down some time back and have just been gathering dust until now. So since it broke down, i've decided to try and turn it into a HTPC/Server instead. The parts that I have so far would be:

CPU: Intel C2D T7700 2.4GHz
RAM: 2gb SO-DIMM laying around... but can probably buy should i need it
HDD: Have a few laying around

What I need:

MoBo: Tried to get my head around this one... I need a mobo that can support the above CPU which seems very hard to find. I'd like it to be in mini ITX format, though if there are small ATX boards, i'd be ready to go with that as well.
PSU: Need recommendations
Case: Something small but able to support 3-4 3.5" HDD's
GFX: Need to sport HDMI output
TV Tuner: Need recommendations

End result will be to hook this up with a HD projector as well as act as a NAS on my LAN. There are better options out there that is more energy efficient and all, but currently the electricity bill is not the issue, and the CPU is pretty kick ass even though it's 5 years old.

I guess I would have somewhere around $200-300 for this. More if things looks promising.

Looking forward to any help with this.

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  1. That can't be done. Laptop CPUs use their own special sockets that will only work with special hardware, there won't be a motherboard on the market that will support that.
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