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[Suggestion] Budget Graphic card Below or around 10k

Board : MSI z68A Gd80 (b3)
Processor : I5 2500k
RAM : GSKILL 8GB 1600 mhz
HD : 2TB WD Black Caviar
SPMS: Corsair TX 750

Hello .. my board supports 3 way sli .. But I dont think I use sli option in future .. my budget is too low now after purchasing all the items

Please suggest me some best graphic card .. which can I use for 2-3 years .. :D

Graphic card around 10k or below 10k .. some one Please suggest :love:
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  1. 10K? 10K what? I want to assume Rupees, but I can't be sure.
  2. Hi,

    10k = 10,000 RS
  3. That what i thought but I wanted to make sure. Do you have a website you normally shop at?
  4. No problem I have whole sale seller from delhi .. you can suggest me the item .. I will try to get it ..
  5. What are your options at that price?
  6. I dont have any options ... I am noob at Graphic cards ..
  7. Lol DXRick, thats the point of the thread is to figure it out for him. I could help you if you give me the names or links to a few computers parts stores for India. I used to remember where the best places where, but I can't find. Then I can shop around for you and find what is in your price range.

    This is the one site I know where graphic cards are available ... :(

    If you can tell me how to choose a graphic card In future it will helps me :)
  9. 10000 rupees is almost $200? You didn't mention your resolution (important) but with that money you could get a 6870 or 560 (non ti).
  10. My monitor supports FULL HD ACER 23"

    I need the best resolution .. :(

    is my budget is too low to purchase a Graphic card ? :O
  11. Not at all, Radeon 6870 and Nvidia 560 are both graphic cards.
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    manocool said:
    Graphic card around 10k or below 10k .. some one Please suggest

    Bump your budget up towards 11k Indian Rupees, and Ebay India has the Asus 6870:

    A Delhi seller is also selling the Zotac GTX 560 for 11.8k:

    At the 10k mark, you've got a choice of the Asus 6850 or GTX 460 (from the IT depot, see below).

    You may also try this website for online shopping: - I'm a regular customer there and have always been satisfied. (I'm not affiliated with them in any way).

    @Supermuncher: prices of components in India is higher than the US, we don't have the level of demand to drive prices down to US levels. (sigh).
  13. ^ Thanks for your answer ...
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