PC for web development, 700 euro

I start work with a company doing web development. Will be running 7, a local instance of apache/mysql/php and an awful lot of browser windows will be open at any given time. As it's at work, won't need to be geared up for any sort of gaming - although I'll be using it for 40 hours a week so want it to perform well, and be reliable.

Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP

Budget Range: 700 euro before tax ($920)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Web browsing (alot of different browsers and windows opened simultaneously), running a local instance of apache/mysql/php (xamp or something similar) and using an IDE (netbeans probably, nothing high maintenance like visual studio)

Parts Not Required:Speakers, Operating system

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: http://www1.atelco.de/home.jsp (available in english)

Country: Germany

Parts Preferences: Absolutely zero, have never had the money to assemble a computer from scratch. Would appreciate any advice from other developers greatly.

Overclocking: Shouldn't really be needed, so No.

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: 2 monitors absolutely necessary, the higher the resolution the better (depending on how much money is left over)

Additional Comments: I need everything, from case, to monitor, to keyboard. Obviously price isn't such an issue with keyboard, but would appreciate any past experiences from other programmers who have a particular liking for models.
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  1. A few additional comments/questions:

    Is there much to be gained going quad-core? The future-proofer in me seems to think its a good idea, and its probably possible to achieve it financially...but in reality I don't think there will be much CPU intensive activity at all.

    Also, I was thinking of getting a video card on the lower end, but then so long as I have enough video outputs on the mobo, (div or hdmi, whatever), would this be necessary? There will be no gaming or 3d rendering at all.

    Also, I think amazon is generally cheaper than the website i posted. So that would be perfect for any price references.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. You will probably need at least 8GB of RAM and make it 1600.
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