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Can I run 2 external monitors on this card?


I have tried to read up on what I can, but I am looking at getting a loaded 17 inch laptop and the coupon expires today, so I wanted to come here and ask instead of possibly screwing this up on my own as I search for the answer.

So, the laptop comes with the Nvidia GeForce GT 550M 1GB video card (dual link DVI)

Card Site:

The laptop is the Dell XPS 17, and it has these external ports:
Mini DisplayPort (1),
2 total USB 3.0
2 total USB 2.0 (1 / 1 eSATA/powershare combo)
Integrated network connector 10/100/1000 LAN (RJ45)
HDMI 1.4

So, I am trying to figure out if this laptop will support 2 external monitors?

And help would be greatly appreciated!
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    simple answer

    the fermi architecture only supports 2 displays per chip....

    i believe they do make external multi display devices tho
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