What is a decent graphics card?

I won't be doing much gaming. I'll mainly just be doing video editing, Photoshop, and some 3d modeling. What would be a pretty good graphics card for my needs? I'm trying to save as much money as possible, so the cheaper the better. I don't really want to exceed 100 bucks unless absolutely necessary.
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  1. You're not really going to find one that will suit your needs for less than that. You'll want to spend a bit more. Low level Radeons like the 6790 or 6850 are always safe bets but for 3-D modeling you'll want a low level Fire Pro like the 5500.
  2. well from my experience CUDA does a fine job for what Tesla or Quadro does. if you want something 3d modeling. i can agree with G, the Fire pro or the 6790 is your best option, but even still you can run into performance issues maybe later down the road
  3. FirePro is your best bet, but it will do pretty much NO GAMING
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