What graphics cards can I use for Asus A8AE-LE?

I just purchased Skyrim and really need a MUCH better graphics card on an older PC.

HP Pavillion
intel(R) pentium(R) Dual CPU
1.80 GHz 1.87 GB of Ram


Mother Board mfg...Asus A8AE-LE

The mfg states that there is a slot for a 16bit PCI
If you can help me please...
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  1. Any PCI-e 2.0 card wil work in that. The problem is we don't know what power supply you have. Also your CPU is going to hold you back a lot.
  2. Thank you...where do I get the information about the power supply? Is it called something else?
  3. You'll have to open your case, get the name and model of if you can. Anything you can get off there will help though.
  4. I have an HP Pavillion a6403w...
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