5.1 speakers centre/subwoofer problem

I have a problem with my Intex IT 4650-Elegant 5.1 speakers.The problem is,my centre/subwoofer works but only applying the enhancement called 'speaker fill' but only one of them would work like if i check the option 'swap centre/subwoofer output' the subwoofer would be centre speaker and one speakers does not give any sound and if i uncheck that option that gives sound but now the subwoofer does not give sound and there is not bass.I test the speakers lenovo HD audio managers and all are running fine!I don't know what to do,please help.Thans in advance.
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  1. How are you testing the Center/Sub? Sounds like you are trying to play back 2.0 audio files, in which case I'd expect them to output nothing...
  2. I'm testing in games,music,movies etc. and it has problem on those and as I said above testing in the Lenovo HD audio manager everythings runs fine.
  3. Hi,

    I also got the same problem.. I have the same speakers as above and got the bass problem.. When i switch center/bass, either the bass works or the center works.. tried switching wires and even "swap bass/center" option. pls let me know if theres any solution! thanks ! :)
  4. How are you connected to the PC? Analog, or digital (SPDIF)?
  5. gamerk316 said:
    How are you connected to the PC? Analog, or digital (SPDIF)?

    Hey thanks for your concern.
    Its Analog. There are 3 wires going to the sound card. There's an option called "Swap Center/Subwoofer" in my Cmedia soundcard. After I swap the Center/Subwoofer, each of the channel including the subwoofer is working fine in the Sound manager testing. But once I play music/movies, the center channel isn't working. Tried playing in Itunes, Kmplayer, Vlcplayer, media player etc. Tried switching wires, different 5.1 movies, music etc.

    If i untick the "Swap center/subwoofer", then the center channel is working but the bass is out, no bass at all!
    What I figured out was that either the Center channel or the Subwoofer is working at a time in all other programs (except for the Cmedia sound manager).

    I think 1 solution would be to combine both center and subwoofer channel through some program... Is there any program or tools to do this?? or any other idea guys? :(
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    help anyone?? :(
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