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Gaming upgrade for radeon x1900xtx

I am trying to figure out what a good upgrade for my old ati radeon x1900xtx video card would be ?

currently running a asus p5wd2 premium motherboard with Intel Pentium d 3.21Ghz and have a 850w power supply and 2 gigs of ram running on windows xp pro. My current monitor is Nec LCD1715 its not that great but gets the job done I'm also replacing it at earliest opportunity.

If possible a High end and Budget recommendation would be rather nice I am pretty much just upgrading as little as possible for Starwars The Old Republic and if its possible playing the Witcher 2 would be nice as well.

As mentioned main use for the card is gaming and watching videos and such.

any other information anyone can provide would be much appreciated I plan on building a new computer come summer so don't want to go nuts just something to tide me over till then.

note. my current card will run swtor but I am only getting about 25-30fps most of the time my budget is pretty fluid atm but I would like to stay below $200 unless there is something good enough to justify getting it and just tossing it into my new build when I get around to it.
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    If you want just something to tide you over till you do a full upgrade a 6850 or 6870 will be a nice upgrade for you if your psu can handle it.
  2. Your current card is about all your CPU can handle!
    For below $200 you can get HD6870 or GTX560 but really you need to be budgeting towards a full upgrade.
  3. I agree with Rolli that your CPU is going to be a bottleneck. A relatively inexpensive HD6670 will be a substantial upgrade from your old X1900XTX. This will leave this system in a decently functional state when you build a new rig in the hopefully not too distant future.
  4. awesome thank you guys will defiantly check those all out will probably go for 6870 or 6850 one thing I was wondering I noticed that some 6870's fan's were pretty loud according to reviews any suggestions on what one to look for ?
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