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So I'm looking for a new case, I already found one but there is a looot of different cases out there, and I am kinda new to this so. what I am searching for is a good case with descent airflow, good cable management and with a good build quality, and of course have the looks.
This is the one I am currently going to buy: 79.99$
Any suggestions on a good case?
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  1. Thats a nice case.... I like the haf series for budget builds. Like the haf 922 or 912 advanced
  2. That one's an excellent choice. NZXT is very good. Maybe
  3. Thanks for all the nice cases especially the Antec eleven hundred, but it's a little to pricey. Also looked at the HAF 922 but I kinda dislike the interior :p
    It seems I will be going with the NZXT Tempest 210 elite, as it seems everyone think it's a good choice. Probably gonna fill it up with some LED fans and some LED kits. Would be awesome with a white color scheme :D
  4. Pretty is as pretty does.

    It is hard to beat the Antec 300 illusion case for quality, cooling and value.

    That said, splurge on a case you love. Bust your budget if you need to.
    You will be looking at it for a long time.
  5. also have a look at the cm storm range.
  6. 690 ii advanced better option IMO
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