Replacement Laptop suggestions, $400 budget

So January 14th my laptop was stolen from my girlfriends house, hurrah me. Anyway this Friday I get get my check from the Insurance company for it for $350 and have around $50 of my own to add to it.

My last laptop was a Toshiba 650 satellite that was slightly under-powered from a graphics stand point but could just barely do what was needed.

I don't need alot of battery life 30 minutes or less should be fine. I spend almost all of my time where I can plug in if needed.
I do need 3 to 4 GBytes of ram I use a poorly written java program for work somewhat that looses ram and with multiple applications running I have fallen short on ram a few times.
For some of the same reasons I want a multi-core cpu.
I also need an optical drive with write capability (cd is fine DVD and blu-ray aren't needed but if I have them I won't turn them down)
Don't care about sound quality from the speakers.
I need either an APU with decent graphics built in or a discrete gpu as in the past some of our rendering applications for work have bogged down to 3 or 5 frames per second during presentations. (don't actually do much work on the laptop but for customer presentations we tend to have them and hook them to projectors so that we can easily show customers their project drafts and mechanical animations so will need it for that) The machine will also need to be able to have a vga port for this. (dvi might work but most customers have vga projectors still and vga cables for them its slowly switching but vga is still about 5 to 1)

My last laptop was a Toshiba 650 satellite that was slightly under-powered from a graphics stand point but could just barely due what was needed.

In all actuality this laptop is about 33% work related and about 66% personal use related web browsing and being able to run mmo's at low settings for grinding and auction house real playing will be done on my more than capable desktop.

I am just looking for retail suggestions in the right price range at the moment.
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  1. Hello This is a laptop that is newer and better than the old one.

    [Samsung] $399.00
  2. Cool thanks it actually is better, the last couple of suggestions I had gotten from friends had e-350 cpu which would have been of limited use.
  3. Hello I notice the laptop has gone up in price. But if you pitch in the extra 50$ it is a very good laptop. I have a simular higher-ended model and it plays some top games smoothly and since it is an APU it has better performance than if the same GPU and CPU were discrete.
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