Computer overheating?

i was running skyrim on medium. My screen blacked out. Then i opened up my destop felt the gpu, fans, and the power supply nothing was even warm!!! what do i do?!?!?!
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  1. Skyrim is a relatively buggy game. Do a stress test on your system to check for any issues. Try furmark.
  2. What is your hardware configuration and what OS are you running. Please keep in mind that Skyrim is tightly linked to Steam. If you lose contact with the Steam server, Skyrim goes down. I am playing it also btw. Steam sometimes kicks out and poof there I am back at my desktop. Try to save often (F5) so you never lose progress. A short power outage or spike might cause you modem or router to reset. If it happens during the game...guess AMD has hotfix drivers for the game. The game is not very GPU demanding, it places more stress on the CPU.
  3. i have windows 7 premium 64 bit, my gpu works fine for less graphics intense games(WoW, Magicka, Minecraft) ... i called cyberpower they said it could be failing. ALSO i dont know if this is a big deal or not but i dont have an air intake fan.
  4. What type of cooling solution is on your CPU? Did you build the comp. yourself? As I said Skyrim is CPU intensive. Your CPU will generate more heat under playing conditions. If heat builds up in the case and can not be removed fast enough, the GPU will get hot also. If you can open the side of the case try playing with it open. If things improve you may need better cooling.
  5. i have water cooling and 1 fush out fan, and i will be buying another
  6. I would suggest you balance the air in and air out. If there is no water block on the gpu try adding an intake fan.
  7. ok, i have two air out.... plus the psu if you count that. I will be buying a fan soon though.
  8. The PSU does not count. Before you buy stuff can you open the case and run the system during gaming? If all is well then it would seem you need to bring in air and exhaust it also. I usually recommend removing slightly more air than you bring in to create a negative case pressure.
  9. yes, ill run it with the case open. But heres one more thing sniper ghost warrior had a deal on steam and the specs were minimum compared to what my computer should be able to do. i put game down to medium setting and after just 15 minutes i got a black screen, opened my case right away and my gpu was pretty warm nothing else was.... ill do what you said to do and get back to this forum asap. thanks!
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