Upgrade a old computer???

I've been concerned about the fans in my computer going "wild". I play internet games and when I do the fans run extremely "hard", almost like it is about to "blow up" I've replaced the cooling fans, upgraded the memory to 4 GB, the hard drive is not even a 1/4 full. Nothing has helped so I am going for the processor next, I hope!! Hopefully that will solve the fan issue. I understand my computer is 8 years old and way out of date but I am trying to fix what I can, slowly. What would be a processor that would be a decent upgrade?

Part Number: 1015002RGateway GT5656 Desktop Computer
Model: GT5656
The following table provides the specifications for the Gateway® GT5656 desktop computer.




AMD Athlon™64 X2 6000+, 64-bit dual core processor ■Operates at 3.0 GHz
■2 x 1 MB L2 cache
■2000 MHz system bus


NVIDIA® GeForce® 6150SE


•Installed: 3072 MB DDR2, 667 MHz, (PC2-5300) dual channel memory (two 1024 MB and two 512 MB modules)
•Expandable to: 4 GB (4 DDR2 DIMM slots)

Hard Drive

500 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA II hard drive
Support for up to two hard drives

Optical Drive

DVD ±RW, 18X super multi-format dual layer drive with Lableflash™ support, (up to 8.5GB) ■Write max: 18X DVD±R, 8X DVD+R DL, 8X DVD-R DL, 8X DVD+R DL, 8X DVD+RW, 6X DVD-RW, 12X DVD-RAM, 48X CD-R, 32X CD-RW
■Read max: 16X DVD-ROM, 48X CD-ROM
■Supports Labelflash™ on disc printing (req. Labelflash media)

Media Card Reader

15-in-1 high speed digital media manager supporting the following: ■Compact Flash (CF) I, II
■IBM Microdrive™ (MD)
■SmartMedia Card (SMC)
■Memory Stick™ (MS)
■Memory Stick Duo (MS Duo)
■Memory Stick PRO (MS PRO)
■Memory Stick PRO Duo (MS PRO Duo)
■Secure Digital™ (SD)
■Mini Secure Digital (MiniSD)
■Multi Media Card (MMC)
■RS Multi Media Card (RS-MMC) (need adapter)
■Multi Media Plus Card (MMC Plus)
■Multi Media Mobile Card (MMC Mobile)
■xD-Picture Card (xD)


Integrated NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE graphics
•128MB of shared video memory


Integrated 8-Channel (7.1) High Definition Audio

Network Support

Integrated MARVELL 88E8056 10/100 Ethernet LAN


56K ITU V.92 ready Fax/Modem with RJ-11 ports

Power Supply

300 watt

Add-in Card Slots

•One PCI Express ×16 (graphics interface)
•One PCI Express ×1
•Two PCI conventional

External Connectors

•One PS/2 keyboard port
•One PS/2 mouse port
•One VGA monitor port
•One Parallel port
•One Serial port
•Six USB ports (four rear, two front)
•Two IEEE 1394a port (one rear, one front)
•One RJ-45 Ethernet LAN port
•Eight audio jacks (six rear, two front)

Drive Bays

Five total: ■Two external 5.25-inch
■One external 3.5-inch (with a docking bay for optional Gateway 2.5-inch removable USB hard drive)
■Two internal 3.5-inch (hard drive)

Physical Dimensions
(H × W × D)

15.6 × 7.2 × 16.1 inches

Weight (Unpackaged)

Minimum 23.4 lbs. (varies with configuration)
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  1. If you haven't yet dust EVERYTHING out using compressed air. Dust not just the fan but the intake, motherboard, and all hardware. After that go into the BIOS and see what RPM the fans are running at.
  2. You need a new computer.

    Your system is not upgradable.

    A cpu upgrade would require a motherboard and memory upgrade, that's IF it's even standard atx, which I doubt.

    You can re-use your hd and dvdrw, that's it.
  3. rds1220: I did that before I looked into any kind of upgrades. As for the BIOS, could you tell me how to do that? I'm good with computer programming, not the hardware portion.

    geekapproved: There is NOTHING I can upgrade to? I'm not looking for top quality, just something a little better then what I have.
  4. kimbrly said:
    rds1220: I did that before I looked into any kind of upgrades. As for the BIOS, could you tell me how to do that? I'm good with computer programming, not the hardware portion.

    geekapproved: There is NOTHING I can upgrade to? I'm not looking for top quality, just something a little better then what I have.

    At this point you would probably be better off getting a new computer. When you turn the computer on the Gateway logo will come on and it will say press f2, f11, Del or something like that to enter BIOS. If the screen goes to fast you can press the pause/break button and that will freeze the screen. O and you have to keep pressing whatever key it is until it enters the BIOS.
  5. OK. Going to check.
  6. kimbrly said:
    rds1220: I did that before I looked into any kind of upgrades. As for the BIOS, could you tell me how to do that? I'm good with computer programming, not the hardware portion.

    geekapproved: There is NOTHING I can upgrade to? I'm not looking for top quality, just something a little better then what I have.

    U could upgrade the cpu, motherboard and ram for about $200. But if your not good with hardware, how are you going to do that?
  7. Have somebody do it for them I guess but forget all that. By the time you upgrade the RAM, CPU and motherboard thats half a new computer right there. They could spend that money on upgrading an old computer and theyll have a slightly better computer but not much better. To me it seems better taking that money and putting it towards a cheap desktop.
  8. OK. The System Fan speed is 119 rpm, cpu fan speed is 2566 rpm and the system temp is 40.
    My husband is who will be doing the installs, he does the hardware, I do the software.
  9. I tried to click the first link but it didnt bring anything up. I just updated the memory to 4GB.
  10. The links work fine for me, try copy pasting them?

    40c is not hot at all. If you replaced the fans, how are they still spinning so fast they are about to blow up?

    The memory you bought will not work with a upgrade, it's too old.
  11. I will keep trying the link. It told me they were having technical issues.
    The fans only go crazy when I play internet games.Like right now, i have the games closed and it is running fine, but as soon as I play the games on Facebook, they go crazy!!
    So the memory upgrade I just did will change with the hardware you just recommended?
  12. The hardware I recommended included memory, you cannot use yours.

    Okay so your fans were going crazy, you bought new ones and they still go crazy?

    What fans are you talking about?
  13. We bought the processor fan and the main fan. Have not done the power supply yet. Yes, they only go crazy when I play the games, not retail games just internet games
  14. I can't think of any reason why your cpu and case fan would "go crazy" while playing internet games and not other games.
  15. Thats why I figured it had to be upgraded. I knew it was out dated so I just thought that was the problem. When I play the games, it "drags" or has a like a hesitation, pause, what ever you want to call it, and the fans go really hard until I close the games.
  16. Sounds like overheating. Maybe the CPU needs to be cleaned and a new coat of thermal paste.
  17. Did you ever install a graphics card or are you still using the built in one?
  18. maybe something simpler? is any of the fans plugged directly into the power supply? and geek from what you have said so far it seem syou hav elittl efaith in people, kimb, hardware is easy, you dotn need a super large understanding of all things hardware to swap out or build computers, setting them up is more complicated than the actual building, also you should try replacing the thermal paste on the cpu heatsink, and if you do get a new computer, even build one, but you can probably re use dvd drive, hdd, case, fans, and that actually takes a bunch of cash off of your budget if you were to build a completely new system, if that is what you plan to do.
  19. I cleaned everything!!! The fans were really dirty and I just figured it was time for new ones. The 2 fans we bought are plugged into the motherboard and the other fan is the power supply fan which we have not upgraded. My husband does all that installing hardware but when it comes to the technical terms I dont know what to look for. I dont want to completely rebuild the unit. Just something that will stop it from, what seems to me, from over heating. I was told that I wouldnt have to upgrade my graphics card for internet games, only retail games. These games are not on my computer, only the internet. What do you recommend I do? Run it over with my truck, my husbands tow truck, throw it in my pool?? HAHA!! Just kidding!! Getting frustrated with it at this point!!
  20. popatim said:
    Did you ever install a graphics card or are you still using the built in one?

    Using the same one i got when i purchased the computer.
  21. Your frustration will end when you upgrade. Sometimes it just doesnt make sense, financially, or mentally to try and upgrade an old POS like that. Spend $250 on an APU and mobo and add in some RAM and itll play and run so much smoother than that albatross :)
  22. So is the temp WHILE you're playing games 40? Because you didn't really say what state your comp was in when it was hitting 40 (which isn't hot at all).

    And do you know what graphics card it is? If it's old then it could be coming from the fan on the card. In which case you'll need to check the temp of the graphics card whilst playing internet games. If it's high then you'll probs need a new one :/

    EDIT: Didn't read the opening post closely enough. Integrated graphics...your games might be taking a toll on it. Can't say for sure :P
  23. Upgrade to Ivy Bridge. Its a reasonable mobo and processor for what you are doing. You will also get better fan control too.
  24. if you dont need to play high end games (like in this situation) why the hell are you guys trying to sell her such high end expencive stuff, internet games will not be any harder to run in the future so dont pull the it will last longer, the parts would start to break down before they were too slow to do what she is doing.. she doesnt want to completely rebuild, if she does, there are much cheaper and more reasonable solutions than the most powerful parts in the market right now (ivy bridge.)

    if she ends up absolutely haveing to rebuild, maybe a simple apu or intel pentium g620 or something would be more than enough, and still a lot more piowerful than the current computer, oh, and athlon 64s are POSes, my grandmother has a desktop with one and it plays games better than my new laptop with intel hd graphics, kimb's computer is strong enough for what she needs right now, so how about we try to help her with what she is asking about. starting new isnt always the answer..

    kimbrly when did the fans start to overwork? recently? has it been this way for a long time? oh, and also the one plugged into the power supply directly will always run at full throttle anyway, so maybe it just happens to be a very loud fan that is louder than the rest so it sounds like they are all doing it. and im not totally sure but maybe the fan controller on the mobo/cpu is damaged or not working correctly?
  25. I had to reboot my computer to get to the bios settings to get to the temp. I dont know if there is another way, if there is, can you tell me how to do that PLEASE??? :-)
    It just started about a month ago and seems to be getting faster, but only when I play certian games on facebook. If you need to know what games they are zinga games, like Castleville (especially), hidden chronicles, etc. The computer runs great as long as I am not playing those specific games. The only things I have upgraded are the 2 fans and added memory (to 4 GB)

    Almost forgot to mention, the system was throwing off ALOT of heat. I took the cover off to let it breath better. Dont know if that matters but I figured i'd let you know just in case.
  26. hydromorphine said:
    Upgrade to Ivy Bridge. Its a reasonable mobo and processor for what you are doing. You will also get better fan control too.

    Yes get an Ivy Bridge to play internet games, at least you will have better fan control. ROFL :sleep:

    Anyways, the setup I suggested is your best bet and it's inexpensive.

    Are you sure it's not the psu fan that's "going crazy" ? That would make sense since you replaced the other fans.
  27. With the cover off you can use a pen or something to stop the fans momentarilly to see which one is the one making all the noise. Sometimes theres one in the front cover thats hard to see so look there if you cant find the noisy one.
  28. That works or you can unpulg them one by one to see which one is making all the noise. I don't like sticking pens into the fan I'm afraid of messing up the motor.
  29. I'm so frustrated with it right now. My birthday is this weekend so I think I'm just gonna ask for a new one!! Sounds like it could be just about anything!! By the time I finish upgrading everything it will be at about the same price as a new tower!! I'm not to crazy about sticking things where they dont belong, meaning a pen in the tower!! No offense there POPATIM, but i just dont know about that!! :-) What is a new computer that you would recommend? What should I look for in what I need it for?? Nothing big and fancy or hard on the wallet. Any advise would be very much appreciated!!!
  30. I like HP the best but Lenovo doesn't seem to bad either. I'm not really a fan of Dell IMO their stuff is garbage and when it breaks expect horrible customer service. You said your husband is good with hardware maybe he could build a cheap one for you.



    I3 2120-$125

    socket 1155 motherboard-$62

    4-8 gigs of DDR3 RAM
  31. She already has a DVDRW and a HD, I suggested her a i3/H61 and memory and provided her links.

    Case is up to her.
  32. Yea I did I had to look it up first.
  33. I like HP too. This computer I have now is the first Gateway one I have ever owned. I'll see if the husband wants to build one or just buy a new one!! :-)
    I'll save all the links from both of you so he can see what he will need. Thank you for all the help!! It is very much appreciated!!
  34. Ok. If your question was answered don't forget to slect a best answer so the mods can close the thread.
  35. ok. but before that happens, i wanted to let you know, my question about "what to look for" was in a NEW computer. I just wanted to clarify that. Thanks again.!!
  36. Best answer
    look for maybe a pentium cpu, 4gb ram, internet games dotn need much gpu power, i would suggest asus, acer, and lenovo over hp dell or toshiba any day.

    with a custom, even a celeron g530 is fairly good (new celerons are pretty close to modern pentiums, the old ones sucked not the new ones) or spend 65$ and get a pentium g620, 4gb ddr3 1333, you could reuse case, fans (they arent what is causeing the heat so they should still be fine), hdd, dvd, any accesories, all you would need is cpu, mobo, ram, and power supply. (i hate oem power supplies, total trash) but your husband would probably be able to find the parts you need for a custom

    , and i suggest simply staying away from hp, dell, gateway, emachines (acer makes but i think they really skimp out with them), any off-brand ones that you havent heard of, and stick to mostly asus, lenovo, and acer (acer is really more if you get a laptop, idk about their desktops)
  37. OK. I'll see what hubby wants to do or not do :-)
    Thank you again!! :-)
  38. Best answer selected by kimbrly.
  39. your welcome, good luck with the nw computer, also you MIGHT be able to make some side cash selling the parts like ram cpu power supply (prob not tho for the psu) and stuff like that you wont be reusing in a new rig if you get a custom, wont make much but at least the ram might get you like 20$ on ebay.. cpu might as well.
    anyway good luck! oh and also if you reuse the hard drive you can probably save a lto of your files and such, if you buy new (at a low price range it is prob the best option, you will have to figur eout the costs etc of buying vs building) if so just get a big flash drive or something to carry over the music, documents, pictures, stuff like that, probably not the biger stuff though, i found that flash drives is simply the easiest and fastest way to move smaller files... prob already knew that though xD
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