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I need to help forum about alternative ips monitor 24" for the best grafic and design user, at the price around $ 300 - 500 and it have 2 - 5 milisecond / 120 Hz. I'am sorry if spec tech it's wrong. Thank you for your answer my questions
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  1. You won't find a good graphic design monitor with those specs. Specifically 2-5ms and 120hz denote a 3d gaming monitor.

    In order to get those low response times and high refresh rates, those monitors use a TN panels, which only display 6 bits of color per channel and have awful color constancy.

    Good graphics design monitors in that price range are IPS and include:
    Dell u2410
    HP zr2440w, zr2475w and zr24w
    Asus PA246Q
    Nothing from Samsung

    If you don't know much about monitors, I'd recommend either the dell u2312hm or the u2412hm. They are good compromises between gaming and graphic work.

    If you really want a 3d monitor (120hz, 2ms), I can't recommend any of them.
  2. Thank you very much about your recommend Mr. MagicPants, I think Dell u 2312 hm or u 2412 hm is the best my alternative graphic monitor !
  3. What's difference performance or function about vga grafic Quadro and Firepro with is the same rate prices ! Example between vga quadro 2000 and Firepro v5800
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