Corsair Obsidian 800D carbon fiber

hi guys,
i've talked to a company who makes carbon fiber skins for iphones/macbook/xbox/ps3 and other stuff..
and asked them if they can make a skin for corsair obsidian 800D,
they said if they can have a lot more request then they can make it, so i'm here asking to all who are interested if you want those skins?

colors are RED, WHITE and BLACK
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  1. What's the cost?
  2. i haven't ask it yet... i'll let you know as soon as possible
  3. What does a skin cost for one of the other PC cases?
  4. for macbook pro it cost 50 bucks, they don't make pc cases though, i just sent them a request if they can make it, but since they don't have that case, they can't do it, but the more requests, the more possibilities that they can do it!
  5. $50 for a notebook? Maybe $250 for a PC case?
  6. probably not that expensive.. around 150 below
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