Help the new guy? 6670/6770/6850 issue...

Hello and thank you to anybody that can help me with a rather unusual scenario.

I have a Dell XPS 8300 with a 6670. It's really good, but the 6670 doesn't pack enough punch. Not if you, like me, have crysis to play through for the first time. I want high settings over 30fps. It's not much to ask for :( . Most other games will run rather well if I can do this! :)

Now then, I can put another 6670 in there but I believe it will be running off a 4x PCI slot? How bad is this? What a pain in the ass. Do you recommend this? Im guesing that most won't and will tell me to get a 5/6770 or 6850 instead. If the 6670 x2 idea is no good, i'm game for a good upgrade. Now, and I guess this really is the question. 6770 x2 (bare in mind the 4x issue) or a single 6850?

Any other suggestions are welcome. I guess i'm looking at using my 6670 with another because I don't want it to go to waste......but if that's how it is, I will take some very high settings action thank you very much.
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  1. Sell the 6670 and put in a 6850 if your PSU can handle it!

    460 watts should be fine!
  2. Haha I guess it's the sensible thing to do. PSU is good for 450w which will handle it no problem. That's one thing I was worried by in that 2x 6770 may be taking too much power.
  3. i think crossfire-ing 6670 won't beat a single 6850, also does your motherboard support it? Besides, there's less hassle in using single card solution.
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