CPU VCORE won't lower after playing the game, cpu is not overclocked

Hello professionals!

After playing medieval 2 total war my i7-950 VCORE reading in CPUID hardware monitor is 1.26v, and it won't lower until i restart PC. Consequently the CPU temperatures hover between 43-48c idle.
Before i start this particular game CPU VCORE is 0.94 always, but this does not happen after I play BF3 or MW3,

i7-950 3.07ghz
zalman 9900max
asus rampage 3 formula
corsair xms3 6x2gb
cm silent pro 1200w
gtx 580 phantom

Please help.
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  1. Check all running processes and services before and after playing that game. perhaps one isn't shutting off properly; that would be my guess.
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