What can i upgrade to if I'm running a 462 socket 1.7 ghz amd athlon

running windows xp. My tower model says HP Pavilion 553w. I have looked online to find the specs for an upgrade to memory and processor. It says I have a 478 socket...... Actually I checked the socket manually and I'm running a 462 socket not 478. So I do not trust what that site is telling me. My current processor is a 1.73 Ghz AMD Athlon Socket 462. What is the max I can upgrade to?
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  1. Hello,

    That's so old, I highly doubt you can even upgrade it anymore...maybe if you find parts on ebay.

    IMO save your money for a new build. Heck some smartphones are more powerful than your computer.
  2. Something that old really isn't even worth upgrading. It probably uses old DDR or DDR2 RAM an old obsolete processor and if I had to guess probably IDE HDD. By the time you spend money upgrading that computer you could buy a cheap new computer that will be a good bit faster.
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    Depending on the motherboard (since it's OEM, it may not allow for CPU upgrades anyway) and what FSB it allows for, it's possible to go all the way up to an Athlon XP 3200+ (2.2Ghz @ 400Mhz FSB). But seriously, there's no reason to not get a new system at this point.
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