Reusing XPS 630 case

Hey, my uncle happens to have an XPS 630 case and it is just beautiful. The innards are not working, but from initial examination of the case, its standard ATX just accessed from the right of the case instead of the left.

The motherboard is mounted upsidedown essentially but the IO panel is your standard snap in, not the typical predrilled dell stuff so its perfect for reuse.

The main issues is rewiring for the powerbuttons, usb ports and the custom led and fan controller mounted on a special mini board with some sort of proprietary connect.

It looks bloody gorgeous no two ways about it.

I would like to know of anyone out there ever reused this particular case and has any insight into making best use of it and moreso, anything in particular i need to know before reusing such a case.

Thanks a lot for any help from the community. I hope pple can toss some knowledge my way and other can benefit from this as well.

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  1. Depending on the board you choose the front panel connector ( pwrsw/HDled/pwrled ) will work, doesn't take much to dismantle it and wire up other boards
    USB and firewire connectors will work
    Custom led and fan controller I'm not sure about
    Best bet is to go to
  2. I suppose if you could get the pin headers plugs you could just re-wire them to the switches, light and connectors (USB + Audio Jacks) by tracing all the wires back to the connector, buttons and lights.
  3. Old thread, but I'm gonna reply anyway, just in case someone else comes across it.

    I've reused my own 630i with great success. I love this case to be honest. Dell has used ATX throughout the whole design. Audio connectors, USB headers, everything follows industry standards.

    Main components:
    Asus P8Z68 Deluxe/Gen3 motherboard
    Corsair HX850 PSU
    GeForce GTX590

    Everything fits like it should. Cable paths might get a little less structured as the connectors on the motherboard might be in different locations than on the original Dell mobo.
    A new SB X-Fi sound card was reconnected to the front panel, and works perfectly.
    The Front I/O board and master I/O board (LED boards, fan controllers, front panel, and so on) works like they should.
    (The lighting is controlled by NVIDIA System Tools with ESA Support).

    Later on I installed a Corsair H60 Liquid CPU cooler as well, but things started getting a little crammed in there, so I moved on to a Fractal Design Refine R3 a while later.

    Finished result:
  4. The Front I/O board and master I/O board (LED boards, fan controllers, front panel, and so on) works like they should.
    (The lighting is controlled by NVIDIA System Tools with ESA Support).

    Regarding this Nvidia System Tools and the ESA support, could you give me some more specifics on what exactly is needed to get the lights up and running along with the front fans?

    I have my dell Studio XPS 8000 case which is a bit cramped but it has an nforce based Foxconn manufactured mobo, soundblaster x-fi, radeon 7850, nice new 600 watt psu, ssd and thats it. Wanna transfer these into this other case and maintain full functionality of the 630i case features.
  5. Hi there

    Dell XPS 630i service manual

    It's been a little while since I did this, so let's see if I remember...

    The Master I/O board with the LED controllers and fan controllers is connected with a standard USB header (CABLE-14 MASTER IO BD) to your motherboard. It gets power directly from your PSU through a 4-pin molex.
    This Master I/O board also connects directly to the 2.5" flexbay-module in the front panel (card reader/bluetooth) with it's own USB-header (USB_Flexbay).

    Front panel firewire is connected with the yellow IEEE1394 header (FP_1394).
    Front panel USB is connected with USB header CABLE-7 FRONT USB.
    Front panel audio connector (FP_Audio) is a standard Intel HD Audio header and should fit directly to your Sound Blaster card.
    Front LED indicators and power switch is CABLE-8 PWR SW BD.

    Cable 8 is the most tricky one. Depending on the new motherboard, you're gonna need to re-wire the connector or move the cables to another type of connector.
    See here for example:

    Pinout for CABLE-8 is here:
    (Scroll down to Power Button DC Pin Assignments)

    Here is the software needed:

    I have no clue what the results will be if do not install an Nvidia graphics adapter in your system (The Nvidia System Tools shows up in the Nvidia Control Panel for your graphics card). Try it, it won't do any harm. Might work just fine, I guess.
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