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I had a power surge caused by the local electrical provider on February 3, 2011. Since then my computer power source was replaced and the computer works okay. Since the power surge my speed to uploading and downloading on the internet is inconsistent. Time Warner, my internet provider, said it was an internet problem and they replaced the modem, and have worked on their lines multiple times and now say it's a computer problem, not with their wiring. Yesterday I could not get an upload or download signal at all. This morning my download was 29.23 and upload 1.91. Some days it will take 4-5 yours to send an e-mail. I don't know what to do. Any ideas?
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  1. do you have a router or is it directly connected to the modem

    (or is the modem also a router?)

    when its not working is there anyway to try another device.

    like another computer.

    does other parts of the internet work when the email isnt sending?
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