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Hd 6850 or the gtx 550ti

MY CPU IS AMD Phenom II X4 840 CPU 3.2GHz WHAT THE BEST GPU I CAN GET AND MY RES WILL BE AT 1280 BY 1024 :pt1cable: but i dont know which one 2 chosse
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  1. The 6850 is the faster of the two cards.

    Also, what do you mean by :pt1cable?
  2. and could the gtx 560 be a choice
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    skitz9417 said:
    and could the gtx 560 be a choice

    Yeah, a GTX 560 is the best of those three choices.
  4. but can it run good with my cpu
  5. but will the gtx 560 it bottleneck my cpu
  6. The CPU MAY bottle neck a GTX 560, but you should be fine.
  7. ok so a gtx 560 will be good with my cpu so i might the gtx 560 or hd 6860
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