Help with $800 Budget

Hey just wanting some help with getting a new PC,
I would like it to be quick, play the latest games and be decent for as long as possible without the need of selling my organs to buy it.

I live in Melbourne close to MSY and CLP but can order online.

Over View
What will it will be used for
Playing Games and watching Blu Ray


For 800 what do I want to get
Just the basics with the ability to just add on what I want in 6 months time

Preferred to buy from
Open to other places or online shopping, I just live really close to the above stores. I don't mind getting parts shipped if it saves me money.

What I am thinking about so far
The Below is an example from CPL

Motherboard: MSI P67A-C45 B3 -$149
CPU: Intel i5-2500k -$229
RAM: Gskill 8G 1600C9 Sniper -$57
SSD: OCZ 2.5" 60 V3-E -$118 -,3115-3.html
Case: Antec 100 -$64 -
Fan: c/master Fan 120mm x3 -$18
PowerSupply: Antec High Current Gamer 900 -$155 -
or this Power Supply, seems to have enough power for basic use
PowerSupply: C/Master Extrem -$87

So far Total = $790

Then I can add Graphics Card and a few other bits and parts.
Graphics Card: Asus 1G GTX 560 Ti -$259 -,3107-4.html
or Sli it with 2
Wireless Card: NetGear WNDA3100 -$55 -
HDD: WD Black 1TB -$135 -
Screen: 2x Asus 23" V233HLB -2x $144
KB: Logitech G510 Gaming K -$87 -
DVD: LG BH12LS38 12X Blu-Ray Writer Oem -$89

So yeah, if anyone has an opinion or a better ~$800 build please help me out =)
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  1. You can easily drop to the 650 watt Antec PSU. Skip the Coolermaster. They make good cases, not power supplies. The Antec will handle two 560 Ti cards, but anything higher would require at least 750 watt.

    Other than that, you seem to have it figured out.
  2. Thanks tlmck, btw would you go with Antec EarthWatts 650 or Antec Strictly 650 or Antec TP?
  3. All Antecs are good. I would just double check and get the one with the most amps on the +12v rail since you plan on adding a second card.
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