My router is viewable, but not connectable.

I have a linksys WRT54GS2. I forgot my password, so I pushed the little reset button. I reset the router and had to configure it all again. I thought it had it configured, because you can see the router name on the "view networks" page, but it just doesn't connect for some odd reason. What could this reason be? I have my router password protected, and I am sure I typed in the correct password.
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  1. Please clarify, your computer can't connect to the router, or the router can't connect to the modem/internet?

    Have you restarted the computer after setting up the router?
  2. I know my question was a little hard to understand. My desktop is hard wired to the back of the router. After setting up the router, I can see the broadcasted ssid on the connections screen. I am however unable to connect to the router, even when I know my password is correct. (on my laptop)

    So, My computer cannot connect to the router.
  3. Quote:
    Please go to the cmd prompt and do the following

    netsh winsock reset
    netsh winsock reset catalog
    netsh interface ip reset C:\DAF-interface-resetlog.txt
    netsh interface reset all
    netsh firewall reset

    Reboot your pc

    Do a hard reset on your router.

    Start from scratch

    dadiggle, I tried everything you said, but unfortunately I am still having the same problem as before.

    On my phone when I try to connect, It just gets stuck at obtaining address. On my laptop is says "validating identity", then "windows could not find a certificate to login."

    Please help.
  4. Did you delete the connection from the laptop and set it up again? Sounds like its looking for the old setup (even if its the same password, the PSK will be different).

    Same for your phone. Delete the remembered connection and setup a fresh one.
  5. I messed with it today, And I got it working without a password, but when I put a password in it screws up again.
  6. Bangu said:
    I messed with it today, And I got it working without a password, but when I put a password in it screws up again.

    Let's eliminate the confusion between passwords and security keys. The router password only allows you into the interface to be able to change settings. When you performed the hard reset, that password defaulted to whatever is printed in the router's manual - possibly "admin" or "password". The only other password in there is in your ISP login but as you say you got it working, that must be right. What remains is the wireless security key and you should find that under the wireless settings.

    Are you saying the connection to the Internet works without a security key but will not when you set one up? Are you certain you're inputting that key properly into the laptop when trying to conenct?
  7. Yes the wireless security key, What is the correct settings for that? wep, wpa, or what? When it is a unsecured connection it works but secured it does not.

    I am sure I have the password correct.

  8. WPA is the lowest level you really should have - WEP is easily hacked these days. The key will be case sensitive and probably eight characters. Change it for something else if you like. Before that, try adding the network as a Preferred one in XP in the left hand pane of the View Wireless networks form. Enter the SSID or network name, and the WPA security key - twice - and save it. It may just wander in by itself and remember the way in future.
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