New Build MOB and Case USB 3.0 connection question

Hi, I need some expert advice. I am confused.

I am planning to build a new computer using
Case: Rosewill CHALLENGER-U3

The manual for the gigabyte and rosewill case are links below:

My issue is this. If you look at the on-board connections for the usb3.0 on the mob and compare them to the connector from the front panel of the case.........they are not exactly the same. I talked to the rosewill tech support and while they were nice they were nt really that helpful. I also called gigabtye and they werent that helpful either. They were both nice but not really helpful. So i dont know what to do. WOuld anyone know by looking at the links below if the rosewill front panel usb 3.0 connections would work plugging them into the MOB below. Any info at all would be better than where i am at right now

gigabyte manual:

rosewill case manual:
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  1. ok, i feel like such an idiot..........turns out i was comparing the "table" in the gigabyte manual to the "connector" in the rosewill manual.........of course they dont match.

    anyway, the connectors match perfectly.

    Oh, and i wanted to add i was not trying to speak bad of the techsupport.....they were both very nice and helpful. I was just an idiot.

    Lesson learned.
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