Appropriate RPM for a front 120mm case fan

Hello, I'm planning to pick up an Antec Eleven Hundred but I heard it doesn't come with front 120mm fans.

I'm planning to install just 1 but I'm not sure which fan to get.

I'm kind of noise sensitive and I'd prefer a fan that's quieter.

Scythe Ultra Kaze 120MM High Static Pressure Fan 38MM 3000RPM 133.6CFM 45.9DBA
seems to be the most popular one, but some people say it's a little loud.

On the other hand, this one is quieter(at the same level of rpm I presume) but it only has maximum of 1000RPM.

Is 600-1000 RPM enough for a front fan? Is what people say about Scythe Ultra Kaze being louder true?

I don't want to have a jumbo jet take off in my room :(
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    The only parts that would benefit from the extra fan up front is your HDD/SDD. Try it without a case fan mounted up front and monitor your temps. If your parts get too hot, then consider getting another fan. Great article on fan placement and cooling effect:

    Consider getting a fan controller to be able to vary the speed...and noise...of your fans. I use a fan controller with some great Yate Loon fans...QUIET.
    Loons 4/$20:
  2. I forgot to link the second fan I mentioned... it's this one.
    Antec TrueQuiet Pro 120MM Ultra Silent Case Fan W/ Silicone Mount & Adjustable Switch 10.8-18.8DBA

    I got impatient and just ordered Not that of a price increase compared to what I've already spent anyway.

    In addition to cooling the HDD and SSD, I heard it also helps with the intake of air into the case which improves the airflow and a lot of reviewers recommended that I get one so...can't hurt to have one I guess.

    Not to mention I may be doing some OCing on the new 3570k.
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  4. Hope you enjoy the fans and they're quiet for you!
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