Im building a computer for the first time can i get some help?

Hi i have never used a forum before so i dont know if im doing this right or not
Is this in the right "sub-category"?

Will these parts work together to build a computer? and how can i tell? do you know any better ones for cheaper? They good for the price?
Optical Drive:
Power Supply:
Graphics Card:

Im only making this computer for games that arent on Xbox such as SWTOR, WoW, and other games like that
For a monitor im going to plug my HD tv into it with my HDMI cable and i already have a mouse and keyboard
I have no idea what im doing... like i have 0% knowledge of this so any help would be really appreciated! :D
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  1. Why has nobody replied yet? I was told to come here to this website and ask my questions and that i would get quick answers but yet nobody has answered me yet :(
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