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Pc goes black plz helppp!

hello there,

guys my friend has a pc pentium4 it has following specs:
2.8ghz ht
1gb ddr400 (2x512mb)
40gb seagate hdd
no video card using built-in VGA
25watts psu
17" inch lcd i think it's an LG

now he has gotten it from last 2 weeks and today he comes to my home and says all about which he had been done with his pc.
he changes his moniter resolution to higher which i think his lcd can't support i don't know well how much max resolution is supported by 17" inch moniters
but he said everything work fine but when he restart his pc windows xp load up completey after it he gotten a messege that is "frequency out of range" but i didn't note the frequency i don't have any idea for it i've done everything removing of rams,cpu,hdd but after doing that the pc doesn't show display anymore it was just a black screen the cpu led comes up yellow and lcd also but showing nothing.

again i remove the rams done everything which was possible for me but display is still black keep in mind the pc haven't any video card it has buil-in VGA 128mb.plz i'm stuck and no way so plzz you guys can help me.

this is my second thread plz anyone...???
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    Don't have to remove anything, although now that the display is fully blank something else could have happened when you where moving the components around.

    If the PC ever boots again, start in VGA mode. For a 17" LCD the resolution should be 1280x1024 if it's a square model. Maybe 1024x768 if it's an older one. Refresh rate should be at 60. Reboot, see what happens.
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  3. thanks mate!
    i have solved it just processor was not seated correctly now everything is working fine.
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