Graphic card

i wanted to buy a new graphic card...
suggest me the best for these budget is 100$.
amd phenom II x2 550
MoBo gigabyte m68-mtd3
ram 4gb
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  1. What's your powersupply ?
  2. 450 watts
  3. Do you know brand / model or how many amps there are on the 12v rail(s) ?

    You buy in the USA ?
  4. dont know...
    i live in asia
  5. Maybe a gts 450 or HD 6670/ 6770, but knowing the amperes is important. You can find them if you open your case and look at the info on the side of the psu.

    Also i can't find any specs from that mobo, not sure if it has a pcie 2.0 or 1.0 slot.
  6. it is written 15 amps....
    does pci ?.0 makes any difference
  7. It only has one 12V rail with 15A ?

    Sometimes a 2.1 card can give problems with a 1.0 mobo. Only sometimes but still.
  8. hmmm. . . . . If you are a serious gamer than i cant do something and if you are not a serious gamer than chose the hd 5570 or gtx 550
  9. has..
    but how to find which pci is mine?
  10. i should be able to play high end games like crysis 2,battle field 3....atleast at medium settings...
  11. it has 2 pci slots
    PCI Express 2.0 x16
    PCI Express 2.0 x1
  12. please help me with this.....
    does my computer support hd 6750...or should i go with 5670/6670?
    6670 also need pcie 2.1
  13. Ok pci slot is fine than. Only worried by the 15A on the rail. That must be a crap psu then. Afraid i don't know much about that low amps to advice a card.

    What card did you use before ?
  14. nvidia 8400gs
  15. Well, if it ran with that one a HD6670 should run to. Don't expect much from this card though.

    I would upgrade the psu and the gpu. ( and cpu also actually )
  16. what about 6750...?
    what games can i play with 5670,6670,6750 at 1366 X 768 resolution..
  17. 6750 uses 20 watts more i believe, could be just that bit more that kills the psu.

    Like i said ; i don't know much about low amp psu's, maybe someone else can help.
  18. At that resolution, a HD5670 or HD6670 will do quite well. Make sure it has GDDR5 instead of GDDR3 RAM on it.
    If your PSU has only a single 12V+ rail on it (there may be another), then anything more demanding than a HD6670 would not be a good idea. Do you know the brand and model of the PSU, or is it just one that came with your case?
  19. i dont know the psu brand....i ll change psu if i have play with hd 6670
    which is best to buy at low price?
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