Two different model numbers for intel i7 3770k ?

Hello everyone,

Is there a difference between BX80667i73770K and BX80637i73770K, the two different model numbers for intel i7 3770k processor?

Thank you for you help.
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  1. I'd imagine OEM vs retail, or differing language on the box/manual.
  2. Thanks Mark_F. That might be it. I could not get a definite answer myself after exploring on-line. I am assuming that there is no difference between the two, except for the model number.
  3. I'd assume so myself. They'll be the same CPU, but different packages (maybe one part number is the CPU itself, and the other part is the CPU in a retail box with heatsink, or like i said about languages on boxes etc)
  4. In researching from another similar question I have come across two retail boxes with the two different numbers and so far am unable to distinguish the difference, both are retail boxes and both have hs/f coolers and both have the same spec's. My take on it so far is ir might be manufacturing batches but that's also just a guess at this point.
  5. There are two model # for the Intel® Core™ i7-3770K they are BX80637I73770K and BXC80637I73770K. The second model is designed for sell in China. With in our system I can't find any referance to a BX80667i73770K. The BX806"6"7i73770K doesn't match up with any of our other model #s and doesn't show up with in our distribution channels. So I am going to guess that someone has a typo in their system that is selling to some of the online reseller.
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