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GTX 560 TI performing properly?

So i recently got a GTX 560 TI and I was wondering if it is performing as it should.

So it runs battlefield 3 on ultra settings at like an average of 25-50 fps at 1080p in a large 64 player map.

It runs assasins creed brotherhood at 60+ fps on highest 1080p but it drops to 40 when theres lots of people doing things on the screen.

It runs sc2 on ultra 60+ fps except when theres mass units.

It got a score of 1032 on unigine heaven benchmark..

Its clock speeds are 880 core clock 1760 memory clock and 2100 memory clock.

using an intel i5 650 3.2 ghz

Is this how it should be performing?
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  1. 25-50 fps at 1080p is quite good with a single GTX 560 TI.
  2. come on guy fps will drop ofcourse when you high the texture of game even if you have a latest gpu it will drop when textures are high
  3. yep have one to and have similar performance. great card!
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    Yeah, that's just how Assassin's Creed Brotherhood performs. I have a 6870, a little bit slower than the 560Ti and I get similar performance at 1080p, sparser areas the game will run 60FPS no problem, but the framerate will drop into the 40s when things get busy on screen. Ubisoft tends not to put a huge amount of effort into optimizing the PC versions of a lot of their games, so that probably doesn't help. Looks like you are getting the performance you should with your hardware.
  5. The biggest problems with BF3 is the fact that it utilizes a CRAP TON of vram even at its lowest settings. At Ultra settings, (2xmsaa) it requires like 1.25 gb vram, so a single 560ti will be very badly bottlenecked in that sense.

    Otherwise though, it seems that 560ti is working just fine.
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