My computer

i know my computer is old
but i need to know what i got and know how good or bad it is

m2n-sli motherboard
amd athlon x2 6400+ proc.
4gb ddr2
500gb sata hard drive
zotac geforce gt520 2gb ----upgrading to 2 geforce 275gtx in sli
580w black steel power supply----ungading to a 750w modular when it comes in

i can play
battlefield 3
battlefield bad company 2
sniper ghost warrior

all are high end games

i run them ok but then i get the 275's my graphics will be straight


i want to upgrade to a new compter near tax time
and give this one to my 10yr old son that plays all the games stated earlyer
what kinda system can i build that will run thoes games and not have to upgrade anytime soon....
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  1. What is your budget?
  2. 0-2,000

    also what is the biggest cpu i can put in that motherboard on the comp. above
    and explain im cpu
  3. I would say go with a 2011 cpu and mobo but that is pricey. Try an LGA 1155 mobo with the new Ivy bridge CPU from Intel. Those are at a reasonable price and the GTX 670 is a great GPU for all of your game too. RAM is cheap, so no worries with that one. Check in to these and see how they look for you.
  4. This is what your CPU choices are:

    The M2N32-SLI Deluxe supports AMD socket AM2 single-core Athlon 64/Sempron and dual-core Athlon 64 X2/Athlon 64 FX processors with 2MB/1MB/512KB L2 cache, which is based on 64-bit architecture.

    I suggest you get a new one because your mobo is old.
  5. yea i know my mobo is old but that for my sons comp i just want the cpu on that faster for him, but im also building a gaming computer for myself durning tax time be looking nov-dec for parts or just buy one not sure i juat want to kow what the best stuff i can buy or look for in rage if a newer one comes one before then

    all this motherboard talk and cpu talk confuses me al video cars confusse the hell out of me i thaught i had a good card brcause of the memery but i was wrong.... waste of money but a upgrade from a geforce 8500gt
  6. with thoes cpu's do you know if ill have to update the bios??? i kinda sideing with the AMD Phenom X4 2.3 GHz Processor

    what u think
  7. Have you updated the bios at all?

    If not that would be a good idea to do anyways.
  8. no i havent , i dont know the fisrt thing to do... im not stupid around computers i just dont want to mess it up after it being down for a while and just got it running when i got it all the stuff in it was up todate... but no i havent will it improve performance???

    here is what i found

    witch one do i need and how do i do the update

    i have windows 7 but i dont see windows7 just other
  9. This is the one you need if using 64bit:

    It is for Vista but it should be ok since Win7 is based off of Vista.

    For the how to end of it, go to the download tab on your mobo page from asus and click on manual. The one you want is Version E3400. Do some reading on it and it will tell you how to update the bios. It helps to learn as much of your mobo with the manual and to look and point out what you are reading.

    It helps me alot with all the boards that I work with.
  10. thank you you been a big help, you'll be hearing from me again lol

    later but let me ask

    with the AMD Phenom X4 2.3 GHz Processor
    m2n-sli motherboard
    2 geforce 275 gtx oc in sli
    8gb ddr3 800mhz

    i should be able to run battlefield 3 smooth right????

    because if i can run that smooth it will be good for my some for atleast 2-3yrs gaming wise

    also he 10
    he play battlefield 3, battlefield bad company 2 and so on and he kicks but but complains about the video card why can it look like it does on tv, lol and i told him why -that the system is outdated and we need to upgrade , and he said " daddy that sucks balls" and all i could do was laugh, but i did tell him not to say that around you mother she'll kill you......
  11. The cpu will run better on the processing end but if you want better, smother visuals then a change to a more high end gpu.

    good luck with everything
  12. just asking i think i messed up yet again but it was a cheap mess up,lol let me explin

    i got a "new" power supply from ebay, it should me here tommarow

    KenTek 750W Modular ATX Power Supply SATA SLI 12CM Fan New

    can i run the gtx275 im thinking of buying??? in or out of sli ?????

    card says a min of 550w

    US Seller. KenTek 750W Modular ATX Power Supply SATA SLI 12CM Fan New Unused Condition. I bought this with the plan of replacing the one I had in a computer and the motherboard went bad before I got a chance to change out the power supply so this was never used.


    *Quiet Performance

    *Modular connectors (Plug what you need) and mash cable sleeve for easy cable management.

    *120mm large fan design for best overall airflow and heat dissipation.

    *Support all latest processor from Intel and AMD. ATX 12V 2.3 version and EPS12V 2.92 version

    *Independent dual 12V rail provide more stability and safer power output

    *Scalable Link Interface (SLI) Ready

    *Matte black color coating

    *Short circuit and over voltage protection

    *Ball bearing fan and matel gurad grill

    *High energy efficiency

    Condition: Brand New

    Brand: KenTek

    Item included: One PC Power Supply
    Dimension: 5.9 W x 3.4 H x 5.5 D Inch fit ATX / PS2 form factor casing.

    Input / Output:
    Input: 115-230V 60/50hz 10-6A

    Output: +3.3V 25A, +5V 28A, +12V1 24A, +12V2 24A, -12V 0.5A, +5VSB 3A

    Connectors: 20/24-pin x1 (20pin convertible), ATX 4+4 pin X 1, PCI-Express 6 pin X 2, SATA X 6, Molex 4 pin X 6, Floppy X 2

    MTBF 100,000 hrs at ambient conditions
    Efficiency 70% Min. at full load
    Overvoltage Protection On all outputs
    Shortage Protection On all outputs
    Cooling Ball bearing
    Noise Level Maximum of 32db at 100% system loading

    Safey Approved and warranty
    Approved by UL, TUV, RU & CE 1 Year warranty

    if u say no im going to
  13. Your PSU is good to go. The 2 gtx275 need to have their own power cables to and from the PSU.
  14. this cpu should work for my m2n-sli mobo right

    AMD Phenom II X4 945 - 3 GHz Quad-Core (HDX945FBGIBOX) Processor AM3

    i think thats te fastest cpu right is is there one faster that will work

    also u think i should get 1 hi end card instead of getting the 2 275gtx running in sli???

    and hi end you thinkin of what kinda card,
  15. The AMD Phenom X4 9650 2.3GHz 4x512KB Socket AM2+ Quad-Core CPU is the best I could find, its @,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=685&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=12487691880810358542&sa=X&ei=QOCxT7-8MKWQiAK_psGPAQ&ved=0CKwBEPMCMAM

    GPU wise, go with the gtx 680 - $500. If you can find one. If not the gtx 670 is more than enough too - $300-$400. has the gpu's
  16. hey just thinking i got a old 1gb 8500gt pci-e card laying around could i get some better performance on video right now untill i up grade????? run it as phyics

    useing a
    gt520 2gb for main graphics
    gt 8500 1gb for phyics


    will it bottleneck you think of so a trial and error lol
  17. The gt 8500 1gb for phyics only helps with video editing and 3d rendering for work applications.

    it wont help, sorry.
  18. i got something new now

    i installed a bfg nivida 8800gts oc 512mb

    i can't get it to respond to the blue(main)_pci-e slot, it will only work in the black secondary slot 2

    ive tryed going into bios and switching it to single card in stead of dual card and the single card setup dont work i hear windows booting up and i hear the windows chime.. its like the card is not installed

    i take the card out of slot one and put my gt520 in and it boots up fine no problems and in run in 16x
    right now my 8800 is running in the second slot under 8x , what ever i try dont work ....
    i tryed flashing the bios and my computer would not boot or respond, and that was the 5001 update i think there where 4 i picked the latest.. i did this after the card wouldn't work in slot 1

    could it be a power issue??? not enuff power to run 16x so i need to use slot 2 for 8x??????? and if so does that mean i cant run sli?? or i need 2 to run 16x?? i dont know in so confused i was up all sat. night untill 7amd sunday morning and i said *** it and stuck it in slot 2 and left it ,everyone tells me i probaly wont know the differance between 8 and 16 but its just the fact that i cant put it in slot 1 so something needs to be wrong, right... when it come to me and my stuff i got bad c.o.d lol

    also i put the old video card back in and uninstalled all the video drivers and reinstalled them with the 8800 in and nothing

    thats the million dollar
  19. Have you tried to make sure the card is seated properly in the slot. I had this problem with mine. I thought it was in because I do this a lot but it wasn't. My comp would do the same thing as yours with the sound but no video.
  20. ill check that but i think it was seated.. could it be a bus speed issue or a power issue, but ill check that.
  21. let me know how it goes.
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