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hello all,
i built a computer recently with an i3-2125. just wondering what the temperature should be for idle and load? in idle my temps read around 37-50 and when i load a game it went up to about 69 at the most. i never played a game for long but just to check the temps i loaded one up. is that too high? i checked the pins on the heatsink and they all seemed to be in. is that too hot? thanks in advance.
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  1. 69C is max for the i3-2125: http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Core_i3/Intel-Core%20i3-2125.html

    Check that the Intel cooler is attached properly to the board. I have had the push-pin feet not open properly sometimes, and the result is the heat sink isn't making good contact with the heat spreader of the processor.
    I'd remove the cooler and re-set it. When you install the cooler, be sure that you have the post's base flat against the board (so the wht fingers are all the way thru the board) before you push to pop it open under the board. If the base isn't flush when you push down, the pin will open the fingers above the board.
  2. You should also realize that when using the HD 3000 graphics core the CPU temp will increase due to the graphic core being stressed. If you were to install a graphic card the CPU temp will go down.
  3. how do i turn off the hd graphics? i have a HD xfx radeon 6850 but my monitor is directly plugged to the vid card. also i remember when building i had trouble getting the pins in and removed the heatsink and put it back on.. could that have done something to the thermal paste?
    thanks for your quick responses!
  4. When you removed the heatsink was that during the time you were building the PC or was it sometime afterwards? Generally speaking, it is always best to replace the thermal paste when you remove the heatsink. But if you were trying to adjust the heatsink while you were building the PC, then that should be okay.

    I assumed that since you bought the i3-2125 you were using the HD 3000 graphic core to play games. Since you are using a Radeon HD 6850 the Intel graphic core should be idle.

    You should make sure that the PC case is getting enough airflow. But if the high temps persists, then you may want to consider either replacing the thermal paste, or buying a new heatsink.

    Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus (assuming it will fit your case)
  5. i lowered the voltage on my 2120 to get my temps down to 30-34c idle and 59-60c gaming.

    how low can you go?
  6. thanks for your replies.. i reset the cpu and heatsink making sure the pins were secure. the temps seemed to have dropped to anywhere from 25-35 idle and when i was installing diablo 3, it hit 59. it was at about a 80% load or so.. is this still high? might just get more thermal paste.
  7. Those are good idle temps. The i3-21xx's Ive built all idled in the mid-high 30s. Stressing the processor under something like Prime95 always took the the temps up where yours are at. And this was always with the stock cooler/stock thermal. You're about normal. So, it sounds like your initial problem was indeed the cooler mounting.

    Those push-pin feet can be a bitch to get seated... or easy as pie. Always remember to twist the tops ccw and pull up before inserting the pins in the holes. Then don't push down by the top part. Push down on the cylindrical part. Once that post is flush with the board, push the top down and twist CW to lock. Move to the next, etc.

    Yes, a good aftermarket cooler will lower the temps better.
  8. Awesome, thanks! Think I'm going to have to try Diablo 3 when I get home and see how hot it runs after a few hours of playing haha. Thanks guys
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