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Alright so I'm just wondering if the computer i picked out to build is good and if i there are some things i could get better for cheaper or etc. The only thing i really dont think i will be changing in the build is the Intel i7 2600k because i will be doing a lot of video editing and I am aware of all of the betters of the 2600k over the 2500k.

alright so,

Asus Dvd Drive - - 18.99

Cooler Master Hyper 212+ - - 29.99

8gb G.Skill Sniper DDR3 1600 - - 43.99 (maybe buying 2 pairs of these so about 87.98 or so)

OCZ Agility 3 60 gb - - 89.99

OCZ 700w Modular PSU - - 89.99

Cooler Master Storm Scout - - 89.99

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - - 99.99

Asrock z68 Extreme3 Gen3 - - 117.99

Seagate Barracuda 1tb 7200rpm 32mb cache - - 134.99

EVGA SC GTX 560ti - - 234.99

Intel i7 2600k - - 324.99

All adds up to about - $1,319.88

Things i like about build is the Motherboard which is future proof with Pci 3.0 and ivy bridge supported so if i want to upgrade in the future i can. Things willing to change, all those if you guys give me cheaper or better bang for buck items. And i would like to know if SSD is worth it.
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  1. For $6 more, you can get the better Hyper 212 EVO which has better contact with the heatpipes I believe. Everything else looks solid.
  2. Is a Micro Center near you? If yes, buy your cpu there: big discount.
  3. vollman1 said:
    Is a Micro Center near you? If yes, buy your cpu there: big discount.

    unfortunately not the closest thing i have to one of those is a best buy and it really sucks. Doesnt even have ddr3 ram there :/
  4. traumaiv said:

    And i would like to know if SSD is worth it.

    I do not think so. I think they are too expensive for the limited benefit of quicker program loads.

    Now I can see the benefits when you are building a ruggedized laptop.
  5. Even with the 2-3x increase in HHD prices? A 120GB SSD seems appealing to me. Are HDD still a better purchase?
  6. I think they are worth it, but not 60 GB SSDs.
  7. well if i were not to get the ssd would you guys recommend a different hdd? i see the one i chose runs at 32mb cache instead of 64 would that make a big difference?
  8. Did you mention a budget? I may have missed it.
  9. No i have not but the cheaper i can get it the better right? i would perfer something between 1000 - 1250 with an intel i7 2600k and a decent GPU to go with it for the occasional gaming.
  10. Back to the HHD\, I am looking at a new build and I think my plan is to go with a 128GB SSD

    My rationale is that the prices of HDDs are too much right now and I can get better performance now if I don't need a huge drive. Then, when prices of HDDs come back down, I can buy more storage space when needed and use the SSD for OS and current games.
  11. Yeah that seems rationale. I might do that myself. But so I decided to try to find all my parts on amazon from original marketer or amazon itself. and what was going to be my $1229$ build without the ssd I could buy all the parts on amazon for $1014.24 Which is a GREAT save. I always thought i was saving so much buy shopping with newegg but boy was I wrong. Literally just saved around 115 dollars just buy switching to a different place to buy. :) so that leaves me enough room to buy a decent sized SSD or do as your doing which was my plan in the first place but i dont want to accidently run out of room or something :( but i dont think i even went over my 5yr old pc that had sony vegas and photoshop with only about 100gb of storage so i doubt i will:)
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    Hehe yeah glad to help pointing you to Amazon :) I expect more rebates to hit on the 1st and will probably get the SSD then. If you can afford it, there is a performace increase going to larger SSDs, but the prices really start to spike.

    My advice right now, is get a modestly sized drive and buy another when prices drop again.
  13. yeah will do :) you've been a great help thanks vollman :D
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  15. If your going to sli two 560's some day you might need a bigger power supply. Alot of people on here recommend Corsair. Ive read a few times it takes 850 watts to run sli 570's and overclock. So you might want to look into how much power you would need to do it.
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