Hey guys, I'm planning to buy this graphics card, not sure yet.

I was wondering if this PSU would supply enough power for the GPU and enough for 2 fans and a core 2 duo computer

Also, how much power do i need in order to run this card:
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  1. Yes the GTS 450 does not consume very much power at all.

    Just be aware that there is a reason that is the cheapest GTS 450 on newegg, it has DDR3 memory which is quite a bit slower than the GDDR5 versions that cost 20 dollars more.

    The best values on video cards right now are refurbished GTX 400 series, they are out of stock right now but keep checking on them:

    You would need to step up to the 500w corsair for these because the GTX 4xx series requires 2 PCI-E 6 pin connectors:
  2. The best deal on a video card that is in stock is this:

    But its not nearly as good of a deal as the ones i linked, as you can buy a radeon 6850 for 139.99 new. (although in the games that i play like world of warcraft, the gtx 460 is a lot faster than the radeon 6850).
  3. I was planning on getting this Its a gtx 460 MSI GDDR5. I googled my psu and people said that they were able to run it using the cx 460.
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    a GTX460 build needs 24a on the 12v rail and you have 28a so it will work. most people would prefer a little more headroom like the CX500 but it will work. you will need to use of the power adapters that come with the GTX460.
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