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OK I'm having multiple problems with my computer, It was overheating to ordered a new cooler from newegg, until that came in a lowered
my cpu voltage to .95 which was stable.
Since then my cooler has come in and I installed it but when I hit the power button it did not post, it would power off after 5sec.
I reset my cmos, and then it would power on and run all the fans at max, but nothing would happen afterward and nothing appeared on my monitor.
To make matters worse when i went back to trouble shoot i noticed some pins did not have a connector attached and ( speaker ground ground +5v)
i saw a plug that appeared correct and it fit, but after i attempted to boot there was a faint smell of electrical smoke :( the plug i put in had wires colored red black black (yellow+orange)

I have tried booting with just 1 ram stick, that did not help, I guess I have two questions, why did it not boot initially, and is it fair to assume that I'll need to order a new Mobo ?

also I have read

system specs:
i7 920
Asus p6t deluxe V2
HIS 4890
corsair 750
Case Haf 932
3x 2gb ocz 1600
primary hdd WD caviar black 640gb
+ 250 gb old seagate
I was using stock heat sink the new one i was installing was the cooler master hyper 212

assuming I did fry my mobo what are your suggestions for a good replacement?
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  1. Maybe not. Check your board carefully for burn marks before powering up again. Could be the damage was done inside the power supply, but be sure before you try booting up again. Your board is fairly expensive, and asus won't replace it if they can smell the burn or find any marks on the board. Check the wires from the power supply to the board for melting and the white atx 24 pin and 8 pin 12v ps connector. For a replacement board, check anandtech and tom's for sale sections; some folks are getting rid of their x58 boards; I've seen new ones as low as $100. Or you may try selling your 920 cpu and going with an 1155 system. Take your time if you have a spare pc. Ivy bridge will be out soon, and you may want to wait until then to do a full upgrade.
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