First gaming rig; give it a once over will ya'

Heya folks,
This is my first time piecing together a computer for gaming or otherwise. Needless to say I'm pretty ignorant. Any suggestions or observations would be greatly appreciated. My budget ceiling is a thousand clams, and it's firm. The build needs to include the OS, keyboard and mouse. With this build I'm $59 over my budget. Holla!

Case: Antec 300 $59

MoBo: ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 $118

CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 Sandy Bridge 3.1GHz $190

GPU: SAPPHIRE 100315L Radeon HD 6850 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 $150

PSU: SILVERSTONE Strider Essential series ST60F-ES 600W ATX12V $70

Mem: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 $30

HD: HITACHI HDS721050CLA362 (0F10381) 500GB 7200 RPM $80

KB: Microsoft SIDEWINDER X4 Keyboard $47

Mouse: RAZER DeathAdder Black Edition $60

Monitor: Asus ML228H 21.5" Full HD LED BackLight LED $155

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit - OEM $100

TOTAL = $1,059.00
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  1. I'm not opposed to overclocking, but I have no experience with it. This rigs sole purpose is to run Guild Wars 2; perhaps something MMO's. In the future I'd like to stick a second GPU in there if it'll help. Thanks
  2. If that's the graphics card you're going with then go with this Seasonic PSU for the same price:
    You can add a second 6850 with that power supply and it's one of the best units out there.

    If you want the option to overclock then you'll want a processor with an unlocked multiplier like the i5-2500K, which will be about $40 more. If you've got a processor with an unlocked multiplier then overclocking is really really easy. If you go that route, though, you'll also need an aftermarket cooler which will be about another $30.
  3. why not the 2500k?
  4. If this is a gaming rig, why go with a low end gpu?0
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    For your first build I think it looks pretty solid! The only recommendations I could make in a practical sense would be to shave a few bucks off. Do you live anywhere near a Microcenter? I'm assuming you're US based if you're posting all Newegg links. Microcenter has some crazy black magic voodoo deals with processors, and they have the 2400 for 150 there.

    Other than that, I would go with danraies recomendation and swap to the Seasonic PSU if its the same price, they make just about the most bulletproof PSU's on the market.

    Oh, and don't get too sucked into any hype with getting a larger GPU. If you're looking at mostly the MMO space your CPU will be a larger factor in smooth gameplay than the card will. 99.9% of mmo's are graphically optimized for lower end machines, with rapidly diminishing returns as you step up graphics settings. The CPU does most of the work when it comes to doing anything with other players on screen. Your 6850 is just fine for what you're looking to do, at the resolutions you're looking to do them at.
  6. I do happen to live close to a Microcenter. They have an i5 2500k for $10 less than that there 2400. Will make the PSU switch on yer rec's. Would I be remiss for downgrading the GPU further to... say, what's on angaddev's build: XFX HD-667X-ZNFQ Radeon HD 6670 1GB?
  7. A 2500k for less than a 2400? Hell jump on that deal before it goes away. In terms of stepdown of your GPU... I probably wouldn't go that far down, you're going to be fairly limited with a 6670. Your next choice would be to step down to a 6770, which would save you about 30-40 bucks. Honesty, if you think you can afford the extra, stick with the 6850, there's quite a performance gap between the 6850 and 6770, So if you were really strapped for cash I'd say try saving some money in other areas of your build.
  8. You really don't want to go lower than a 6850. GPU's are not as important in MMO's as in other games but that doesn't mean they're unimportant.
  9. Thanks for the help folks.

    I'll pass it on.

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