Someone created this account?

This is mildly unusual.

The otherday, I recieved an email in my inbox telling me to click the link to authorize the account creation on

I deleted the email. because I had no created an account here.

That was last week, sometime. Tonight, I get an email from tomshardware asking if I recieved a good reply and to rank the best response to my post.

My post? I don't have an account, and I have a post? So I came here, reset the password and what do I know, I get an automated password reset sent to my email.

Can someone inform me here? Why would anyone use my personal email account address to create a forum thread complaining about google ads?
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  1. Perhaps it was a lucky guess? Seems kind of strange, but perhaps they just "made up" an email address using their preferred username. At least your second post makes more sense than your first :)
  2. You probably got that email because of the following thread.

    It's been about long enough, where the emails would start going out. Does that thread look familiar?
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