First High-Performance PC - What parts?

Hey everyone, I'm a PC enthusiast with only a small knowledge in the area of building a PC. :??:

I would like to build a PC (just the case components, no need for monitor/keyboard etc. already have that) that will suit my new job's needs. Currently I started doing a lot of editing in Adobe Premiere, After effects and recording in high graphical need games.

I was thinking about spending 1200 dollars (about 1000€) on a computer. All I have that can be saved from my old computer, is a trustworthy Corsair TX650W PSU, and a Corsair's 120GB SSD.

Please help me out. And note I'm don't want to be cheap, I want some good, high quality stuff! :)
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  1. CPU: i5-2500k or 3570k
    CPU Cooler: 212 EVO, or Noctua D14
    Motherboard: ASRock Extreme4/6 or ASUS P8Z77 series
    RAM: Any 1600 RAM, 8gb
    HDD: WD for storage?
    GPU: GTX 670, MSI is good.
    Case: HAF 922, Antec 900 are both good.
  2. ^ All good recommendations. Also take a look at Gigabyte motherboards - they are comparable to ASUS and probably more established than ASRock. You can also look into the 7950 and 7970 video cards as alternatives to the GTX 670 or 680. The choice is up to your preference :)

    I'd recommend G.Skill RAM as their service is great and everyone seems to recommend them. I'd recommend sticking with 1.5V and low CAS latency - 8GB is plenty.
  3. I thought i7 were recommended for video editing and after effects.
    Right now I have access to a i5-2400 CPU. Should consider getting a better cpu?

    Added to cart:
    G.Skill RAM 1.5V 8GB
    WD 1TB for storage
    GTX 670 msi
    Antec 900
    CPU cooler check!

    Still undecided:
    Motherboard - Please name me a specific model as I'm afraid I'll buy the wrong one
    CPU - i5-2400 or upgrade it?

    Thank you for the help so far!
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