Core i3-530, can it run new games?

Hi folks, I was planning to upgrade to Ivy Bridge but was disappointed with its performace

I'm using a Core i3-530 @2.93GHz and its HD Graphics 1000 IGP

If I upgrade my PSU and buy a HD 7770, will it be able to run BF3, Dragon Age 2, Saints Row 3, Shogun 2, etc?

In short: will i3-530 + HD 7770 run games smoothly @720p?

Thanx :)
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    Should be fine at 1280x720, low to mid settings.
  2. low to mid, is it because of the card or the CPU?
  3. Both. The 7770 isn't particularly a very strong card, and those games are pretty demanding on both the CPU and GPU.
  4. Ok. Thanx
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  6. That HD 7770 is better than mine and I run BF3 on low - med at 1920 x 1200 with hardly any noticeable lag.

    Here you can see mine vs. the HD 7770:
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