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I find myself in a strange situation. I ordered and received a new Corsair CX430 V2 PSU. Now, I was gonna order the other parts also but have not yet done so.

All I have is this PSU and when I connect it to the wall socket and turn it ON, nothing happens. All the output power cables (ATX +12V, molex, PCIE, etc) are left unconnected.

Should the fan in the PSU start? Are there any lights (LED's) inside the PSU that should have lit up but are not lighting up?

I ordered this PSU from NewEgg and I have to send the Mail in Rebate soon. Or if the PSU is DOA I can ask for a replacement before I cut out the UPC bar code. There are several reviews on NewEgg about this PSU that the product received is DOA and I am worried I have a dud.

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    You need to connect the main power connector to a working motherboard and then hit the power button. If you have a spare
    board outside a case just connect the power as normal and touch the two pins marked PWR with a screwdriver momentarily, the
    fan should kick in if its working.
  2. A PSU won't power on without connecting it to a mobo, as santa82 said. There is one way to make it power on without a mobo (using a paperclip to fool it), but there's no real reason to do it, in this case.
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  4. Thanks.. I don't have a board on hand. I think I will have to take my chances and mail the rebate.
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